Our Story

Established in the year 2002, AYMA CREATIONS PVT. LTD. entered the garment industry by creating their first shirt manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad. After having built a solid foundation in the industry from past 17 years and having worked as an outsourcing arm of The Arvind Mills ltd to create high-quality shirts for brands like FCUK, Lacoste, Brubaker, and Soft Grey, etc., We had a plan in mind. With a vision to combine two of the most influential cultures, The European dressing etiquettes, and Indian Traditional style sense, we embarked on our journey to create a brand that offers customers what they want “Affordable Fashion.” After months of focusing and researching about trends, color palettes, and fabrics, we present to you AC&F – A brand you can relate with as your fashion staple.

Perfected with artistry, we have assembled a collection of shirts that define Luxury and comfort at its best. We believe in taking the extra effort to create shirts that are your companions forever. With the belief that the customers are the soul of any brand and keeping that in mind, we forbid ourselves from taking shortcuts in making shirts. The AC&F shirts are specially crafted with the sense and sensibility of comfort entwined with the highest quality fabrics that are resistant to any strain. Each shirt piece is handled with extra care and attention. We believe that to craft shirts, right is the only way and hence, our tailors slow down to create something impeccable with precision and care. What can be classier than owning a shirt that fits your body like your second skin? An AC&F Shirt.

AC&F beckons you to come and discover the online walk-in closet with every latest trend you ever wish you ever owned.